LED Lighting and Factory Fit Outs

JDM Earth are trusted partners to Industrial developers/companies throughout the North East of England.

We take our partnerships seriously and understand the requirements for premises to have energy efficient lighting that reduces both company costs and carbon consumption.

From complete electrical factory fit out’s to LED lighting installations we can assist you in creating a safe and well lit  environment from which your employees can work. All in line with current electrical and safety regulations.

We provide a free on site assessment of your current lighting and then make suitable recommendations for your lighting. Following on from this assessment, we will provide you with a proposed lighting design and payback calculations.

Did you know?

  • LED Lights are less prone to failures or flickering meaning less time is spent replacing bulbs or luminaires.
  • LED’s are built with lower replacement rates and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than traditional forms of lighting technology and cost much less to run than incandescent, halogen technologies and  fluorescent lamps.
  • Lower Heat Output: LEDs do not emit infrared heat in their beam making them more suitable for heat sensitive environments and ones where cooling and ambient temperature must be maintained.
  • Immediate Light: LED technologies provide light immediately on power-up rather than fluorescents that can take time to warm-up.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: LED lighting systems have the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of an organisation due to their energy efficiency. The bulbs are easier to dispose of and recycle as they do not use as toxic materials including mercury or harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays.
  • Employee Well-being: lighting plays an important role in employee morale and productivity. Well lit areas can not only improve employee well-being but also contribute towards their health and safety. Different roles require different lighting levels and types of light and these can be made available using LED lighting. In the UK the Health & Safety Executive provides a guide to lighting in the work place HSG38.


Partnering with JDM Earth can enable your electrical project to run smoothly by providing;

  • Professional and transparent quotations.
  • Value engineering including multiple pricing strategies to suit your requirements.
  • Competent and experienced electricians.
  • Appropriate site access cards.
  • Evidence of Health and safety management systems.
  • Quality workmanship in line with current regulations.
  • Electrical layout CAD drawings as required.
  • Open lines of communication to ensure that your work is on schedule.
  • A professional team that assist you in meeting your deadlines.
  • Regulatory compliance.


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