WallPod EV HomeSmart: Untethered

A standard installation From £959 incl VAT


The benefits of WallPod EV HomeSmart include.

The smarter, greener, cheaper way to charge your EV.


  • Lower charging costs, Greener Charging, Total Control and Total Management.

  • Set your Rolec EV Homesmart to charge your vehicle during your reduced tariff hours to reduce your charging costs or use the charge point on a plug and play basis. 

  • Mobile App Controlled SMART Charging.

  • Analytical & insights.

  • Secure communications.

  • kWh Metering.

  • Optimises your charge with your energy tariff.

  • Exportable charging data.

  • Inbuilt PEN Protection

  • Inbuilt dynamic load management

  • The ability to lock your charge point.

Charge Point Summary

This is a type 2 socketed unit and does not come with a charging cable.

This Mode 3 smart charging unit has been designed to provide the user with an interactive EV charging solution for the home. The EV driver can control the charging activity of the Wallpod using their mobile phone or any other web enabled device.

The WallPod:EV HomeSmart can also monitor and record all charging activity and history as well as provide information relating to total electric miles and CO2 savings.

The WallPod unit is available in 3.6kW (16amp) or 7.2kW (32amp) charging speeds and comes with the option of either GPRS or Ethernet back office connectivity.

The automatic Dynamic Load Balancing Protects the property’s fuse, allowing drivers to recharge their vehicles without disrupting their property’s electrical supply.

EV Energy Application

App functionality is provided via https://ev.energy/ who are happy to support with any queries or questions in relation to the application or software. Contact details are provided upon installation.

Get rewarded for Smart Charging, earn rewards and redeem them for Amazon vouchers and/or free coffee; just their way of saying ‘thanks’ for being friendly to the grid!


  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty,
  • 6  Year NAPIT backed guarantee (T’s&C’s apply)


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