Indra Smart Pro Untethered

The benefits of an Indra Smart Pro Include.

  • As a solar compatible EV charger, you can utilise your free green electricity from your solar panels to power your electric car.

  • Don’t worry about blowing a fuse. You can dynamically change the maximum power to your EV charger depending on what else is being used in your home.

  • Take control of your EV charger via the INDRA App. Check your status, update preferences and track your charging history from your mobile phone.

  • Off-peak charging – Add your electricity tariff details in the INDRA App and your electric car will automatically be charged at the cheapest times to keep your energy bill down.

  • Continuous updates – Thanks to our over-the-air (OTA) updates, your Smart PRO EV charger will automatically receive remote software updates to keep it getting smarter every day.

  • The Smart PRO contains INDRA’s industry leading, proprietary and patented PESTs technology providing protection for PEN faults, Earthing faults, Simultaneous contact risks, Touch voltage risks, DC leakage and load curtailment making it the safest EV charger on the market.


Charge Point Summary

This is a type 2 socketed unit and does not come with a charging cable.

The Smart PRO is the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market. Chock-full of the latest smart features, this innovative EV charger brings you cheaper, faster and more advanced home charging.
The British-made Smart PRO EV charger enables you to take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity from your supplier and free power from your rooftop solar without buying an add-on kit.
There’s no need to worry about your 7.4kW home charger tripping your house fuse or compromising on a limited charging speed. We’ve squeezed all the latest safety features inside the Smart PRO EV charger, so you can say goodbye to extra boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house.
With full flexibility available on install method, the Smart PRO EV charger can be connected via Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet connection (if appropriate).
You’ll also have the ability to check your status, update preferences and track your home charging history directly from your phone with the Indra App.

Smart Application

App functionality is provided via Kaluza who are happy to support with any queries or questions in relation to the application or software. Contact details are provided upon installation.



  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • 6  Year NAPIT backed guarantee (T’s&C’s apply)




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