Charging Cables

Charging Cables

Not sure which charging cable to choose?

You have bought your vehicle and are looking into your charging cables and charging options.

If you plan on charging from a public charge point with a type 2 socket or from an untethered charge point at home, you need to ensure that you have the correct charging cable.

Your car will almost certainly come with a charging cable. However, we have found that some car dealerships/fleet companies only offer cables that work with domestic 3-pin plugs. This charger is ideal if you need to charge in an emergency but is certainly not recommended for long term use for multiple reasons and is not able to work in a mode 3 charge point.

We recommend you check with whoever you are buying/leasing your electric car from that a suitable charging cable will be provided that will enable you to charge from a charging point.

We can provide you with;

  • Advice on which charging cable to choose.

  • Type 1 -Type 2 Charging cables in 5 and 10 meter lengths.

  • Type 2 – Type 2 charging cables in 5 and 10 meter lengths.

  • 16amp and 32 amp charging cables.
  • Cable Carriers
  • Tethered adaptors.


Need some advice? Our team are happy to talk you through the options available to you and provide support and advice on charging your Electric Vehicle or Hybrid Vehicle.


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